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The 2019 Women’s Leadership Forum was held on Friday 8 March scheduled to coincide with International Woman’s Day celebrations. 

92 women attended with the majority from Albany and some from as far as Denmark and Kojonup. 

Keynote speakers were: Benita Cattalini, Tracey Bridges, Julie Patterson and Liz Jack. The workshop sessions were presented by: Georgia Kidman, Tracey Bridges, Carol Pettersen, Lata Wright, Tammy Flett, Terri Pope and Emma Walls. These mini sessions really helped to break up the presentations a little so the attendees were not just listening to people talk all day. All speakers were really well received by attendees and all speakers had worthwhile & inspiring messages to deliver.

We are very grateful to all our sponsors because without their support we could not offer this opportunity to the women of the Great Southern region.

The forum was held at the the Beryl Grant Community Centre and the facilities were excellent. The Centre staff were accommodating and very helpful at all times throughout planning stage. I would highly recommend the Centre to anyone looking to hire a venue.

The day was very professionally MC’d by Liz Jack’s alter ego ‘Gertrude WellEase’ who did a really great job tying the day together with information and a lot of laughter. White Star Hotel catered for the day with a healthy and delicious morning tea and lunch and Cheryle James-Wallace catered for the sundowner treating us to some bush food infused nibbles. 



Handle difficult conversations with confidence
- Benita Cattalini, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, Consultant

Leading Millennials
- Tracey Bridges, Business Great Southern 

Charting a Course: A financial guide for women
- Georgia Kidman, RSM

Big Impact Creation
- Tracey Bridges, Business Great Southern 

Managing cultural sensitivities in our multicultural work spaces
- Carol Pettersen

Art Therapy
- Lata Wright, Therapy with Arts

A Volunteer’s life
- Tammy Flett, Girl Guide Leader

The art of looking after  ‘ME’
 - Terri Pope + Emma Walls - BodyCare Physiotherapy

Building up the women around you
- Julie Patterson, Customer Executive of Small Business, National Australia Bank 

The woman behind Gertrude Wellease
- Liz Jack, CEO, Denmark Chamber of Commerce





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