President's Report 02/19

I hope that all of our members have had a good start to 2019!

In our rapidly changing business environment, we as business owners, all need to give ourselves the space to think strategically and adapt. It is an easy trap to fall into working long hours in our business to maintain sales and keep costs down. However, in today’s environment, growth will come from working smart and preparing ourselves for the future as much as it does from working hard.

There are plenty of opportunities in the Albany region that are gaining momentum and all local businesses can take advantage of them. Nobody said running a small business was easy though! We need to work on our businesses as much as we do in our businesses to ensure that our processes, cost structures and product & service quality is high. We need to train our staff to ensure that our business standards are implemented consistently from our customers’ perspective. Just as importantly, we need to make the time to look outside of our business to identify new markets, opportunities for growth and review our competition. Without a well researched business plan and a good understanding of your market, working hard in your business is possibly not going to be enough for success.

In 2019 the Chamber is collaborating with other regional Chambers as well as local, state and federal Government entities in order to provide well researched information that will help your business strategy. Via these relationships, we will provide information back to these organisations to influence policy and planning for the benefit of our members. We will also gather information on specific opportunities as they arise and let our members know so that you are able to chase those that you feel will be helpful. 

While the Chamber has a good understanding of our local business environment and where we should focus our energy, we want to hear from you as to how we can help. Whether that be providing advocacy to government, providing specific research that your business requires or topics for forums, workshops and training, please talk to Michael or any of our Executive Committee so that we are able to provide as much relevant assistance to our member businesses as possible.

David Steytler, ACCI President

Nicola Edwards