State Building Trades (Construction) Award Wage Rates


The WA Industrial Relations Commission handed down the latest State Minimum Wage Case Decision in early June with an effective date of the first pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2019.

The decision increases the state adult minimum wage to $746.90 per week. Click here.

A note of caution:-

·         Who do the new wage rates apply to?
These wage rates apply to employers who remain covered by the state industrial relations system such as a partnership or sole trader or some family trusts.

·         Who do these new wage rates NOT apply to?
The wage rates do not apply to employers that are a “constitutional trading corporation”. This includes where the employer’s business structure is an incorporated body. This usually means Pty Ltd companies and some family trusts with an Australian Company Number (ACN).

Minimum Adult Apprentice Wage
The state minimum adult apprentice wage is $638.20 per week for persons engaged as an apprentice 21 years and older. Again, this increase applies only to those adult apprentices that remain under the state IR system.

The increase can be absorbed into all over-award payments including those contained in registered and unregistered EBAs.

Employers can call Kim Richardson at Master Builders on 9476 9800 to discuss coverage by state or federal industrial laws if uncertain.

Nicola Edwards