2019 May BAH

Huge thank you to Albany Interiors; Choices Flooring Albany and Albany Curtains and Blinds for hosting the May Business After Hours.

We had Wood Fired Catering Co making some very tasty paella and pizzas!

It was interesting to see how many choices we now have with blinds and carpet compared to just 5 years ago!

Did you know you can now get blinds where you simply ask Siri to “wake up daughter” and they’ll do it for you! :-) That’s right, you can now manage your blinds from your mobile phone, what we loved about this was those mornings where you are heading out the door to get to work but want all the blinds closed or maybe opened, you can do this with one click of a button.

The carpet was put to the test on the night when paella was spilt and Jacquelene had it cleaned up in no time... no stains! With cold water!

If you didn’t get a chance to attend on the night we strongly suggest getting in to have a look at what’s on offer today because you do have so much choice!

Nicola Edwards