ACCI Newsletter - JUNE 2019

ACCI Newsletter - June 2019


PRESIDENT’S REPORT Your business outcome will often depend on the capability of those representing your product or service. So, given that your employees are your greatest asset and also often the gatekeeper to your success, how much of an investment of time and/or money do you really make in them?

BAH WRAP UP Social photos from the May BAH at Albany Interiors.

NEWSLETTER TO GO PAPERLESS The Chamber is responding to increasing requests for us to bring the ACCI newsletter to members on-line. It will save member funds, reducing the ever-increasing costs of printing a hard copy..

NEW MEMBERS ACCI’S Membership Officer, Nathan Crudeli, has been busy talking with members and engaging new members - May’s Exceutive meeting saw 8 new members accepted. Check out the list of new members on Page 3.

WORKING TOGETHER PROGRAM TO CONTINUE Funding has been approved for the Working Together Program to continue to be delivered through to June 2020.

2020 DIRECTORY ADVERTISING Directory season is upon us once again! Booking deadline is Friday 12 July - so get your advertising organised!! Email Tash if you didn’t receive your contracts or if you have any questions.

Nicola Edwards